SCORE Ultima Soccer Ball

SCORE Ultima Soccer Ball

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Product Description

An outstanding match ball at an outstanding price.
Soft-touch PU cover in white & black color combo.
Multi-ply fabric & air mattress lining system.
Premium butyl bladder for superb air retention.
Two-year quality guarantee.
Available in Sizes 3, 4, and 5.

Size 3 - White/Black
Size 4, 5 - White/Blue

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Note High school Match ball 3/16/2018
I bought 5 of these along with 50 training balls for my highschool program 3 years ago. Theyre still like new, they hold their air forever, and I like the touch. They do feel a bit light but its totally within the margin of normal for a competition ball. Im happy with the purchase. About me: played college, a little semipro soccer, and gave coaches for almost 10 years now

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