Agora Finger Grip Whistle

Agora Finger Grip Whistle

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Product Description

  • Whistle with Finger Grip for comfort and ease.
  • Moldable Finger Grip for custom fit.
  • Keeps whistle securely on finger for instant use.
  • Great pitch and shrill tone.
  • Available only in black.

  • Finger Grip Molding Instructions:
  • Insert Finger Grip (up to whistle's base) into warm water.
  • Leave in warm water for (1) one minute.
  • Insert whistle onto preferred finger (Caution: May be warm/hot).
  • With opposite hand, gently press on Finger Grip to desired fitment.
  • Let Finger Grip cool and harden.
  • Note: If Finger Grip is too hard to mold, water needs to be warmer.