Agora Ankle Resistance Bands

Agora Ankle Resistance Bands

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Product Description

  • Ankle resistance bands help build explosive first‐step quickness, lateral speed, and more.
  • Padded adjustable ankle straps for comfortable fit.
  • Includes 2 heavy‐duty elastic bands:
    ‐ 8" band for light resistance
    ‐ 6" band for medium resistance
    ‐ For heavy resistance, use both bands together
  • Easily adjust resistance bands with steel carabiners.
  • Hook & loop ankle straps can be removed quickly to switch between exercises.
  • Includes Carrying Pouch.

Improve first‐step quickness, lateral speed, core strength, and body positioning with the Agora Ankle Resistance Bands. This dynamic training tool is great for athletes in all sports, including soccer, football, and basketball. The Agora Ankle Resistance Bands can also intensify workouts by increasing heart rate and leg toning through each resisted movement. Find better balance, functional strength, and stamina with the Agora Ankle Resistance Bands.

Notice: Ankle resistance training is not recommended for athletes under the age of 7 years old.

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