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Agora 12" Speed Hurdles - Set of 4

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Product Description

  • Speed hurdles are great for improving footwork, speed, and more.
  • Safe to use on all surfaces, including grass, turf, and hardwood.
  • ¾" thick and durable PVC.
  • Bright orange color for easy visibility on the field.
  • Hurdle is 12 inches tall, 18 inches wide.
  • Sold in pack of 4.

Speed hurdles, also referred to as agility hurdles, are ideal for footwork training, coordination, building explosive speed, leg toning, and more. Lightweight design makes it easy to carry on and off the field. The Agora 12" Speed Agility Hurdles are great for training in all sports and workout exercises.

Sample speed hurdle training drills:
(Each hurdle spaced approximately 3 feet apart)
1. One Step - sprint as fast as you can with single foot between hurdles.
2. Two Step - touch down with left foot then right, or vice versa, between hurdles.
3. Hop - light bounce between each hurdle with equal weight on both feet.
4. Crossover - run sideways with single foot between hurdles; repeat in other direction.
5. Lateral Step - sideways run touching down with left foot then right, or vice versa.
6. 3 Hops & Run - Hop each hurdle for first three, then run one step through remaining.

Tip: Maintain 90-degree arm angle as you complete each drill and swing arms. Perform exercises under control and proper safety.

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